OPTIMISATION : Improving ORganisational and employee performance

I apply psychological knowledge, theory and practice to the world of work.  My aim is to assist organisations to obtain the best performance from their employees; improving their engagement, effectiveness and job satisfaction.  I achieve this by applying expert knowledge to individuals, teams and organisations.

I work in a consultancy role, in collaboration with management and employees, to understand the needs of the organisation and staff in order to optimise growth, potential and commitment. 

I use my expertise to:  
•    plan, undertake and analyse organisational research
•    design and implement coaching (see coaching section), mentoring and personal development schemes
•    develop, apply and evaluate employee selection & assessment procedures (including psychometric tests, assessment centre exercises and structured interviews)
•    provide support in performance appraisals, career development, and employee relations & motivation
•    support employees and organisations to cope successfully with change