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Sarah Mallet

Psychotherapy, Psychology & Coaching


Sarah Mallet

Psychotherapy, Psychology & Coaching

Psychotherapy & Counselling

As a psychotherapist & counsellor, I provide a range of psychological evidence-based therapies for a variety of disorders, emotional concerns and problems.  My experience lies in the NHS, the voluntary sector and private practice.  

I work with adults and young people (16-25)

Registered psychotherapist / counsellor by the British Association for Counselling & Psychotherapy (BACP) and member of the British Psychological Society (BPS).


I am an Organisational Psychologist (MSc).  I apply my psychological knowledge, theory and practice to the world of work.  I offer a wide range of services to both individuals and organisations to obtain the best performance and improve job satisfaction.  I have expertise in organisational research, selection & assessment, performance appraisal, career development, counselling & coaching, personal development, training, employee relations & motivation, organisational development & change and psychometric testing.   


I have been offering 1:1 coaching for many years.  I use a psychological approach to coaching, which draws on the principles and practices of counselling and psychological therapies, as well as adult learning theory.  I seek to enable clients to make desirable and beneficial changes in their personal and professional lives in order to develop and grow. 

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About me

About me


I run a private practice in South West London (SW18 & 19) and Central London.

•    psychotherapy & counselling,
•    consultancy in organisational psychology,
•    coaching for adults and young people

I adopt a sincere, intuitive, integrative and ethical approach to my work. 

I have been working in a supportive role for over twenty years; gaining an extensive level of experience and expertise. 

Outside of my clinical, consultancy and coaching capacity I practice yoga, mindfulness and have a passion for the arts (particularly film, painting, music and movement); all of which, I believe enhance my practice.


Sarah Mallet


Commitment to Excellence

I have pursued, and continue to pursue, different academic and professional trainings in a commitment to excellence and best practice.  
I adhere to the guidelines and ethical codes set out by the BPS and the BACP. 
I am a Doctor in Counselling Psychology & Psychotherapy by Professional Studies (Year 5 of training), which includes accreditation with the Health Professional Council (HPC) and the United Kingdom Council for Psychotherapists (UKCP)


Qualifications and trainings

•    Doctorate in Counselling Psychology & Psychotherapy by Professional Studies - Year 5 of training (Metanoia Institute)
•    Diploma in Integrative Psychodynamic Counselling (Metanoia Institute)
•    MSc in Organizational Psychology & Coaching (Birkbeck)
•    BSc in Psychology & Sociology (Surrey University)
•    Bereavement Counselling (Cruse)
•    Psychometric testing – MBTI, CPI (OPP Oxford)



Psychotherapy & Counselling

Psychotherapy & Counselling


Learn to see yourself differently

There are times in our lives when we could all benefit from some support, in order to meet life’s challenges and find alternative ways of seeing things, particularly during moments of change and uncertainty.  

Psychotherapy & counselling can be both a practical and creative process that explores feelings, thoughts and behavioural patterns, in a safe, confidential and non-judgemental environment.  Its main aim is to improve people’s sense of well-being, alleviate distress, resolve concerns, increase capacity to problem-solve, build resilience and make decisions.  

Facing such issues can sometimes be difficult even painful at times, which is why most of us tend to ignore them.  Avoidance, however, can cause greater distress and can even stop us growing and living fulfilled lives.

I aim to combine my inspiration and creativity with knowledge and pragmatism to support individuals live more fulfilling and purposeful lives.  I adopt an integrative approach to psychotherapy and counselling due to the uniqueness of each person and their presenting issues and concerns. I integrate a range of theories and approaches; from psychodynamic, humanistic, body-based, self-psychology, cognitive behavioural methods and Mindfulness practice. However, at the heart of how I work is the principle of how we relate to one another – the relationship between therapist and client is key. Research suggests that the most important element in reaching resolution in therapy, regardless of theoretical approach, is the quality of the relationship. 

I work with both adults and young people in 1:1 and group settings, and offer both long and short-term therapy, depending on the presenting issues.

Therapy sessions last for 50 minutes and usually take place on a weekly basis at the same time and can be tailored to meet your specific requirements.


Help with...

Anxiety, depression and panic attacks
Anger & stress management
Bereavement and loss
Chronic fatigue
Eating disorders
Relationship problems
Work/career/school issues


Organisational psychology

Organisational psychology


OPTIMISATION : Improving ORganisational and employee performance

I apply psychological knowledge, theory and practice to the world of work.  My aim is to assist organisations to obtain the best performance from their employees; improving their engagement, effectiveness and job satisfaction.  I achieve this by applying expert knowledge to individuals, teams and organisations.

I work in a consultancy role, in collaboration with management and employees, to understand the needs of the organisation and staff in order to optimise growth, potential and commitment. 

I use my expertise to:  
•    plan, undertake and analyse organisational research
•    design and implement coaching (see coaching section), mentoring and personal development schemes
•    develop, apply and evaluate employee selection & assessment procedures (including psychometric tests, assessment centre exercises and structured interviews)
•    provide support in performance appraisals, career development, and employee relations & motivation
•    support employees and organisations to cope successfully with change





Providing support where and when needed

Coaching is fundamentally a process of exploration, inquiry, choice and action – it stimulates creative thinking, challenges assumptions, develops new perspectives and possibilities that assist individuals to maximize their professional and personal potential.  It is informed by the client’s goals and shaped by their current agenda.

Coaching can also provide objective and unbiased feedback, enabling insight and self-awareness, particularly valuable for individuals seeking to make a career move, applying for promotion or new job, returning to work, retiring, setting up business, starting or returning to study, or preparing for an interview.

I use a psychological approach to coaching; drawing on the principles and practices of counselling and psychological therapies, as well as adult learning theory, gender and inequality issues, cultural differences and organizational systems.  I will always adapt my approach to the unique needs of the client.  

Various tools, techniques, assessments, exercises and psychometric inventories can be used to support the process; however exploration through discussion is the primary focus.


I work with the premise that people already possess what they need in order to learn and be effective, particularly in the face of adversity – therefore my aim is to help empower individuals to make informed decisions, meet and exceed personal and professional goals. Nonetheless, building psychological resilience is equally important as it provides individuals with the ability to embrace and adapt to stress and adversity.  Fresh perspectives provide new understanding. Psychological resilience provides the ‘bounce-back-ability’.

Coaching is generally short-term work (6-12 sessions) and tends to focus on specific work-related issues and goals.   
It is also used by professionals to obtain ongoing support or during organisational restructuring and change.  
Coaching sessions usually last between 1-2 hours on a weekly, bi-monthly or monthly basis.





Young People (16-25)  

I am passionate about supporting young people through difficult, turbulent and chaotic times. I have worked with young people for over 20 years;   providing psychotherapy & counselling, coaching, mentoring and teaching.  

Resulting in improved:
•    emotional wellbeing and mental health
•    insight into worries and concerns
•    resilience - enabling them to cope with ongoing challenges and difficulties, including school, college, university demands
•    relationships 
•    decision making capacity – including assisting them to make informed decisions around study and career choices, relationships etc.
•    self-awareness
•    prepare for university and job interviews





During our initial meeting we will explore your current issues, concerns and history.  We will discuss confidentiality and what you would like to achieve from therapy, in order to establish the focus of therapy.

Following this we will, together, set out a treatment plan and arrange to meet for an agreed number of sessions to explore your presenting concerns.  The number of sessions will depend on your specific requirements.


Please contact me directly for details.

Psychological therapy & Counselling - sliding scale between £60-£85 for individuals and from £175 for corporate.

Coaching Services - fees on request.  Various packages are available.

I also offer some reduced rates for un-waged individuals.  

I am registered with several major healthcare providers.  Please check with your health care provider if you have the required cover. 

Corporate Consultancy and research – please contact me.



Sarah Mallet
+44 (0)7976 647 177
Languages spoken: English, French.

General enquiries and bookings


Southfields & Wimbledon (SW London)
Central London